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Sutter Metal Solutions News:

Now that 2018 is closed it is time to review the year.

When you are in business the true assets are your customers and your partners. For SMS we have 2 companies to highlight and some projects.

  • MCA, Manchester, Tennessee: Owner Curt Schiffner. MCA is a fabricating company and supplier to Sutter Metal Solutions. I have known Curt for over 20 years and worked with him on numerous projects. Curt is very hands on in his business and when he is not making parts during the week, he has another shop at his house, and I don’t mean garage, it is a shop where he works on his passion, street rods and race cars. Curt has a very impressive car collection.

  • Columbiad, Paris, Tennessee: Owned by Jason Gordon and Jonathan Bailey. How was the name Columbiad derived, well you need to ask them, however Wikipedia describes Columbiad as a large muzzle loading cannon. Jules Verne said it was an enormous cannon sufficient enough to send a projectile to the Moon. For SMS it is a company that delivers laser cut parts on time. It is a young company, but Jonathan and Jason are hardworking and have a desire to grow and be a force in the industry.

2018 Projects

Very fortunate year, we had a project where electrical cabinets were made for security facilities in the Bahamas. Not a bad place to sell fabrications. This also led to similar enclosures that went to secure facilities in the U.S.

Military projects included specialty parts made for vehicles, very grateful to be part of this project and it looks to be on-going in 2019.

Point of purchase displays and work station racks were also done this year plus check-out stand components.

All in all a good year, Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

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