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2019 in Review

Looking back I see that 2019 was an exceptional year. I sincerely hope when asked about 2020 next January 1st I can say DITTO.

Success is derived from a customer base of forward thinking, looking and expanding organizations. Our goal was to capture that customer base who was also diverse and already successful in their field, and we accomplished that far exceeding my expectations.

I want to salute the people who trusted us to deliver sheet metal fabricated parts, weldments and assemblies. Without you, we wouldn’t be here.

This past year our group made products for various end users, in vastly different fields.

Some of the parts we manufactured are in places like Walmart, Costco, HVAC, Lawnmowers, Conveyors, Military Vehicles, Prisons, Sporting Goods, Food and Beverage, and many others. We made parts for commercial Electrical Enclosures, Checkout Stands, ATM’s, Landscape Equipment, Point of Purchase Displays, Restaurants, Signage, Attack Vehicles for the military and Rifle and Pistol Targets from special hardened steel.

One interesting project was taking 30,000 parts manufactured in China, rework them, and repackage. Sounds easy but the timeline and delay in customers new packaging made it a challenge.

With focus, diversity and a commitment to quality comes success. However, to climb the ladder you need to remember that old but true saying, “The Only Constant is Change”. To be a winner you need to know how to overcome and adapt to a changing business climate. I think we have been successful in that arena.

On this first full work week in 2020 I want to again say THANK YOU to the people and organizations who made 2019 an exciting year. We are eager for 2020 and look forward to working with you.

For those looking for new suppliers, our expertise is sheetmetal, we can shear, punch, laser cut, form, weld, powder coat, silkscreen and package. We are eager to look at new opportunities.

Have a great new decade.

Sutter Metal Solutions

Paul Sutter

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